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3 Piece Mixing Bowl Set Rubber Grip Handles Non Slip Bottom – Three Sizes Small Large (Capacity 500 to 5000 ml) – Yellow

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  • Dimensions:  Length- 34.5 cm ,Width-28 cm ,Height -16 cm , Weight- 945 Grams , Colour-Yellow and Grey
  • DURABLE MULTI SIZE MIXING BOWLS – Strong sturdy 3 piece plastic mixing bowl set with 500 – 1500 ml. 500 – 3000 ml and 500 – 5000 ml capacity. Won’t break or hold stains and odor, perfect for mixing baking ingredients or for making salads, stirring, marinating and more
  • WITH NO SLIP BOTTOM and HANDLES – Features comfortable rubber handle for secure and steady grip and non skid rubber bottom that stands stable even on smooth surfaces like stainless steel metal kitchen top or glass table for an uninterrupted mixing
  •  EASY SPOUT for NO MESS POURING – 3-piece non stick nested batter bowl set is practically designed with spouts to let you create delicious pancakes and pour mix straight into pan without making a mess. Lightweight so you can lift and hold with ease
  •  MEASUREMENTS ETCHED on the INSIDE – Designed with capacity numbers on the inside to easily identify each measuring bowl and for accurate measurement of flour, sugar or any cooking ingredient. Great for perfectly portioned chips or popcorn snacks too

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Classy touch Mixing Bowl Set Classy touch ‘The Big Mixing Bowl Set’ is the 3-piece purchase to make cooking, baking, and mixing that much simpler. Non-Slip Handles for a Sturdy Grip This bowl set has non-skid, rubber handles and a bottom to match that keeps your cooking mess-free. No bowls will be flying, as these grips give you a sturdy and secure hold, keeping each bowl stable even on glossy surfaces. The spout makes for no-mess pouring for every recipe. Whether your ingredients are thick or thin, smooth or lumpy, this spout will get your goods where they’re meant to go. Making pancakes? That’s perfect! Your batter can pour directly into the pan for the ideal pancake, every time. The bowls are lightweight and do not hold stains or odor. They’re a wonderful addition to any kitchen and can help you whip up all concoctions, big or small. Easy to Use by All Ages Do you love cooking and baking with your kids? Good, because this is the best bowl set to get your children involved in the mixing, tossing, and baking process. The bowls’ durable, rubbers grips keep the process mess-free with no spills or or slips in the kitchen. The plastic material is more suitable for children than any glass bowl set and keeps things risk-free. Dishwasher Safe ‘The Big Mixing Bowl Set’ is completely dishwasher safe and makes cleaning the kitchen super easy. Dirty up your dishes, toss them in the dishwasher, and they’ll come out looking like new. Once you’ve cooked and cleaned, store them nested one inside the other, or hang them neatly together for a fun, space-saving display. Measurements / Capacity The bowls feature etched measurements to help proportion out snacks, like popcorn or chips, and make baking a whole lot better. Small : 500 ml , 1000 ml , 1500 ml Medium : 500 ml , 1000 ml , 1500 ml , 2000 ml , 2500 ml , 30000 ml Large : 500 ml, 1000 ml, 1500 ml, 2000 ml, 2500 ml, 3000 ml, 3500 ml, 4000 ml, 4500 ml, 5000 ml

Dimensions 34 × 27 × 16 cm


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